There are many opportunities for HOSA members, advisors and guests to learn more about health and biomedical issues.  Be sure to take advantage of all the opportunities at this year's International Leadership Conference!

HOSA University

HOSA offers development to support members, at all levels, to grow as leaders and encourage HOSA members to make the most of their opportunites as future health professionals.  HOSA University teaches members leadership skills such as effective communication, goal setting, time management, teamwork and self awareness.  The following classes for HOSA members will be offered at the conference:

  • HOSA 100 - Middle School Members
  • HOSA 101 - For Members
  • HOSA 102 - Advanced Leadership
  • HOSA 201 - Local Chapter Officers
  • HOSA 301 - State Officers

HOSA University teach adisors how to provide balanaced academic, technical, leadership and teamwork skills through HOSA strategies and successful chapter activities.  The following classes for advisors will be available at the conference:

  • HOSA 401 - New Chapter Advisors
  • HOSA 501 - Advanced Chapter Advisors

The Educational Symposium

Educational Symposium workshops will be presented by professional partners to provide information about current health related issues.  Workshops are schedueld throughout the day on Thursday and Friday during the conference.  Topics cover a variety of interests. Past workshop have covered topics such as unique health careers and career pathways, technology and health informatics, career and college readiness and many more.  Workshop link:







NCHSE Health Science Certificate Lab

NCHSE will be hosting a free health science certificate lab at the ILC.  Participants will have the opportunity to earn an industry-recognized certificate as they demonstrate their knowledge of specific skills validated by higher education, industry professionals, and employers. NCHSE Flyer

Continuing Education Units (CEU's)

HOSA will be offering Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for educators. A CEU briefing will be held immediately following the Local and State Advisor orientation. Please print a copy of the CEU Packet for participation in the CEU program at the 2020 ILC.

CEU Packet

  • CEU certificates will be awarded by HOSA-Future Health Professionals. Chapter advisors should check with their local school administration or state advisor to determine if these CEUs are recognized for meeting state
  • teaching licensure requirements.
  • The CEUs offered are “Education” CEUs, not nursing CEUs.
  • The CEU certificate indicates 10 hours = 1 CEU. If your school measures units by the hour, the certificate will show the hours. A maximum of 20 hours or 2 CEUs will be awarded per person; partial credit or hours will not be awarded.


Competitive Event Judges

Professionals who wish to spread awareness of health professions and leadership skills are invited to get involved in HOSA! We are actively recruiting volunteers to serve as judges for HOSA Competitive Events during the 43rd annual HOSA International Leadership Conference in Houston, Texas, June 25 and 26, 2020. The events are designed to motivate HOSA members to study, work hard, and achieve a high standard of excellence in a variety of leadership and skill disciplines. We will have nearly 10,000 competitors in 75 different events which means we need over 400 judges to evaluate student performance..  To register, and for more information, click here.