Conference Registration Information

Registration for HOSA's International Leadership Conference
Please read all registration information very carefully to avoid any difficulty when registering your delegation for this conference. Registration information can be found online at For technical support, call 800.321.4672 or 972.874.0062, and HOSA will be happy to assist you.
2020 ILC Registration Fees
Student Members $90
Professional Members (Advisors) $90
Alumni Members $90
Nonmembers (Guests & Family) $90
The registration deadline is May 15 at Midnight. (Please check with your State Advisor for any state specific registration deadlines.)
The registration fee includes:
  • All General Sessions 
  • Entertainment 
  • Keynote Speakers 
  • Educational Symposiums 
  • Industry Tours 
  • Media Productions 
  • Conference Transportation
  • Registration Materials 
  • Conference Program 
  • Awards 
  • Meeting Room Rental
  • Other General Conference Operating Expenses
All conference delegates (members, advisors, alumni, family and guests) must register through the Local Chapter or Chartered Associations and all student members registered for the conference must be affiliated HOSA members. Conference delegates may not register independently.
Advisors:  Please read the Online Conference Registration Instructions very carefully to avoid any difficulty when registering your chapter delegation for this conference. 
For technical support with registration, call 800.321.4672 and HOSA will be happy to assist you.
  • For liability reasons, all registered delegates MUST stay in an approved conference hotel. Delegates who are NOT staying in an approved conference hotel will be disqualified from all HOSA activities and events.
  • Individuals who stay in a hotel room within the HOSA room block must be a registered ILC delegate, this includes all family members and guests.
  • No refunds for cancellations will be issued.
  • Competitive Event substitutions by State Advisors are allowable until the onsite State Advisor ILC registration closes at 10:00 PM on Tuesday, June 23.  All Competitive Event substitutions must be submitted to the Competitive Event Team at that time.
  • Any changes to name corrections, competitive events, leadership workshops, etc. after May 15 MUST go through the State Advisor.  Chapters should NOT email HOSA directly. Only the State Advisor can make corrections, additions or substitutions to registrations after the deadline.
  • ILC payments should be submitted directly to the Chartered Association, and not HOSA Headquarters, unless otherwise notified. Please contact your State Advisor with questions about ILC payment.
  • Once a chapter has registered and the State Advisor has validated the registration information after midnight on May 15, a chapter will be charged for each delegate registered.  Cancellations after May 15 will NOT be refunded.