Competitive Events - Virtual ILC 2020

Event Guidelines

All Competitive Event guidelines can be found HERE. Competitors should prepare for competition by studying these guidelines. However, competitors are NOT required to show a copy of the guidelines at ILC. 

Event Guidelines - Modifications for Virtual

While the main event guidelines still apply for all events, some events have required event modifications in order to work on the Virtual ILC 2020 platform. Please visit this page for a summary of all the event modifications. 

Security and Ethics

ALL competitors are required to review the HOSA Virtual ILC Security and Ethical Statement found HERE.

Dress Code

As Future Health Professionals, HOSA members should present themselves in a professional manner for all recorded video presentations and / or live events as part of the HOSA Virutal ILC 2020; however, dress code bonus points will not be awarded this year. 

Available Resources

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, many textbook companies are offering free or reduced pricing for e-learning materials. Additionally, many internet service providers are offering internet services at a reduced cost. Review the link HERE for more information that may be of assistance to you. 

Competitor Orientations

There will be no Competitor Orientations as part of the Virtual ILC 2020.

Tallo - New June 1, 2020 deadline

Many events require materials be uploaded to Tallo. Be sure to check your event guidelines for what is required – as well as the NEW Virutal Event Information Sheets.  All materials must be uploaded to Tallo by June 1, 2020 in order to be judged. If the required items are not uploaded to Tallo (or to the indicated link for Middle School students) judges will not be able to judge anything! ALL team members (including any substitutions since the state conferences) must upload to Tallo. For more information, read your event guidelines and the Virtual Event Info Sheets. 

Know the GRRs

GRR stands for “General Rules and Regulations.” All competitors are expected to know these rules and be familiar with them as they apply to all events. These rules can be found at:


All ILC tests will be taken online via a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Tests will be open book / open notes. Reminder, all competitors must review the Security and Ethical Statement HERE, especially as it relates to online testing. For all team testing events (CERT, EMT, CPR, BD, CPS, HB, PP, FS and DD), all team members must take the test within 1 hour of each other.Tests are electronically time-stamped when the competitor begins, and HOSA will be monitoring to ensure team members all begin the test within 60 minutes of each other. Coordinate with your team members to take the test within 60 minutes of each other, within the scheduled 24 hours that each test is open. Please review the testing tutorial.

Video Recorded Presentation Guidelines

For events that now require you to upload a video of your event presentation / speech, we have developed some guidance to help you be successful with this. Please review the information HERE.   The length of presentations will be the same as the original guidelines unless otherwise noted.

Participant Safety on Zoom

Participant safety is a top priority for HOSA. is the video and virtual conferencing platform that will be used to conduct many HOSA Virtual ILC components, including competitions and executive council applicant interviews. A number of restrictions will be used to protect participants in the platform. Every individual competition room used will have a unique passcode. That passcode will only be made available to judges and participants in that round. The ability to use Zoom backgrounds will be turned off. The ability to share screens and file share through the chat will be turned off. Waiting Room features will be turned on for all events, so only authorized competitors and staff will be granted access. The Private Chat feature will be disabled to prevent communication that event moderators cannot see. All judges and competitors will be given a strict naming process that must be used in each event (e.g., Competitor - Suzy Smith) so that all persons may be easily identified. Finally, conference staff and competitive event volunteers will be monitoring all Zoom rooms during competition. They will quickly remove anyone violating competition policy. Competitors may report disruptions to the conference helpline, where staff will be prepared to handle any problems immediately. More information on Zoom’s privacy can be found here.